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Indigo Works

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Director of operations

and support systems


A Balance can take 45 to 90 minutes either online or in clinic. Kinesiology's Muscle Monitoring

is used as a framework for many modalities to eliminate ego - mine and yours! This is the 'should' factor that our minds like to latch on to, when our whole system longs for a truly holistic approach to undo the 'chaos'.

Modalities include:

  • Touch For Health

  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy

  • Pranic healing

  • Educational Kinesiology

  • Past Life regression (CMI)

  • Metamorphosis

  • Reiki


Healing at a cellular level. 


A range of workshops are held regularly. 

  • Free one hour talks + Q & A

  • 'Take Five' for self-care

  • Touch For Health 1 - 4, and  TFH Metaphors training.

  • Educational Kinesiology's Brain Gym 101, and VisionCircles


Click on the services tab above for details of upcoming events,

fees and offers. 

All workshops can be brought to you wherever you are for a minimum of 25 students.

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"I love that I get to use all my favourite tools from my own healing journey, to support you with yours."

...about the workshops:

"I really enjoyed Sally's calm, warm and gentle approach. No one told me what to think - information and experiences led me to draw my own conclusions. I had no resistance to new learning as I owned my own realisations, as a result. I found this really empowering and it has led me to make adjustments to my daily life without feeling overwhelmed. This is unusual for me as often I enjoy a course but fail to 'follow through' and incorporate learning into my daily practice."

Jo Orr, Auckland, NZ (Take Five)


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...about a Balance:

"I attended Sally's clinic as part of my preparation for presenting at an international conference and convening a professional workshop. Sally helped me to focus my goals so that I could plan productively and confidently. Her knowledgeable and personalised approach to kinesiology provided clear understanding of how my body responds under stress and how to centre and harness that for positive growth. I would highly recommend Sally's Balances for anyone taking on new challenges or wanting to improve personal and professional efficacy. Thanks again!"

Derek Shafer, Auckland, NZ



Indigo Works

Titirangi, Auckland

New Zealand

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